Forpus Coelestis (scientific name)

PARROTLETS are little birds with big personalities and come in an array of beautiful colors.  Parrotlets love to play with all kinds of toys and will clown around all day long. They can provide hours of entertainment.These birds are smaller than a parakeet and if given the time and care they can become very bonded to their owner.  Their noise level is low compared to other parrots and are considered perfect for apartment living. Some Parrotlets learn to say words and mimick sounds . They are easy to care for, give them a nice size cage, toys, healthy food and your time each day and they are very happy!  If you are interested please contact us by phone, text or e-mail  ** Because this is a hobby I usually reply between the hours of 9am-5pm   .

***REVIEW*** JULY 2018  Joan! What a beautiful little baby you raised! He is the best-sociaized baby bird I've ever adopted!  I had to rename him Romeo! He's a feisty little lovebug!He adores yelling back and forth with Duckie.  Thanks again for all the time and love you put into raising your babies- it shows! ~  Camery


Monday - Saturday
9:00am - 5:00pm


Joan M Hopper
Buckley, Washington, 98321


Phone: 206-501-8610
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FB: Noni's Precious Parrotlets


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