All of our birds have a 7 day full price replacement guarantee provided the said bird is seen by a Certified Avian Veterinarian within 72 hours of purchase or shipping arrival.  This guarantee starts when you receive the bird into your care.  There is a lot of time and care put into a hand-fed bird however there is no guarantee on the said birds personality, temperament, bonding with owner or learning how to talk.  These are all things that are determined by the amount of time, knowledge and treatment of the bird.

At the time we hand your bird over to you, said bird is visually healthy and has no health problems that are known of or deformities.  If the bird is not seen by a Certified Bird Avian Veterinarian within the 72 hours, our guarantee is null and void.  If Avian Veterinarian suggest returning bird it will be at buyers expense along with any and all Medical Bills.

Noni's Precious Parrotlets must be notified within 24 hours of death of bird with a faxed statement from Avian Veterinarian. After receiving this statement you will have 90 days to select a replacement bird of equal value. Cash value will not be refunded for any reason.  We guarantee a replacement of sick or dead bird with a bird of equal value.  Once again we do not pay for shipping or medical expenses.

Harmful foods such as avocado/chocolate along with Teflon Toxicity can result in your birds death. Fragrances as in candles, sprays or cleaning products are very toxic to all birds. Learn all that you can about the proper care of your bird, this will ensure the continued health and happiness of this new little one.  Lastly, we cannot give medical advice. If you notice your bird is not acting normal and sitting on the bottom of the cage listless you should always contact your veterinarian.  However, I am always available to answer or give  any helpful information or opinions you may ask for.  

Thank you for your patronage,     Joan M Hopper


7 Day Health Guarantee