A Hobby Filled with Love

 Colors Produced by Noni's Precious Parrotlets

 Turquoise,   American Blue, Green, Blue and yellow, Pieds and Heavy Pieds  and Marbles .  Our new pairs are producing American Turquoise Marble and American Blue babies this year. We don't always have babies so when we do it is very special to us! **We work very hard to produce strong bloodlines by keeping excellent clutch records, banding our babies along with following Genetic guidelines.


Noni's Precious Parrotlets and more, is a small hobby Bird Breeder .  We have 4 young  BREEDING pairs at this time therefore we give one on one  attention to our baby parrotlets.  The babies are raised in our living room around other pets, house cleaning and grand kids.  We are not a bird farm that pretends to offer tame birds. Just because a baby is hand fed does not make it a tame bird.

They are a part of our family and throughout the day we hand-feed, play, tame and snuggle with them.  We pull them at 10 days to start hand feeding until they are at 8 weeks , weaned and ready for their new home. They are little characters whom we love dearly.  Our goal is to raise a healthy, well rounded, beautiful loving pet.  We begin the training process of using Step Up, Sitting on Shoulder and Gentle Beak technique.


Each baby is handled through out the day during the taming process!