Millet / Seed Mix     PARROTLETS

Baby Parrotlets should have Millet at all times for the first month or so.  At least until you see baby eating a parakeet/ canary seed mix.  Once they are eating this mix you can introduce the Cockatiel Seed Mix of your choice little by little, until you are feeding over 50% of Cockatiel Seed Mix.  At this time stop the parakeet/canary seed mix altogether.  Baby's can be given 2 Tbl of seed mix twice a day- if you notice bowls being emptied by all means replenish.  They should never be without their seed mix. 


Birdie Mash should be given once a day.  This consist of cooked brown rice with cooked beans, lentil or peas etc. I add scrambled eggs or boiled eggs.  You can experiment and see what spices they like such as pepper, spices, cumin. There are tons of recipes on the internet to get ideas from.  I even make big batches and freeze them in Ice Cube trays so that all I have to do in the morning is pop them into the microwave and defrost for a minute.  Breakfast all done.  You will see how much your baby eats during the day and how much you should offer.. I usually offer 2 tbls per each bird. You want your baby eating at least a 75% diet of fresh food .


Give some type of fresh cut up vegetables or fruit.  Do not give parrotlets the seeds from these items. It is not good for them.

**Clean water should be given daily

Provide calcium, mineral block, and liquid vitamins when they are about 3 months old.