Deposit Option & Payments


Upon deciding which bird you would like to purchase, you will need to make a 50% nonrefundable deposit that is put towards the balance of said bird.  Payment in full is due 1 week before I book airline tickets.  We will hold a bird up to 2 weeks past weaning if needed. If at that time you are unable to pay balance due, we reserve the right to sell said bird.  We will be happy to place your deposit on next available bird.  Paypal is only form of payment.


PAYPAL is only  ACCEPTED  FORM OF PAYMENT unless arranged with seller. Buyers to pay any fees or taxes.

3.5% fee for use of Paypal



Green, Blue,Yellow, American Blue $150  & up

Green Pieds, Blue Pieds, Yellow Pieds,   $200 & up

Turquoise,  American Turquoise , Turquoise Pied  $200 & up


Prices are based on fair market rates, my rates are usually lower than most Parrotlet breeders. You are paying for excellent care this baby receives and all the personal one on one time that I put in to each baby. Training, hand feeding, holding, snuggling, cleaning along with introducing the baby to eat seed mix, fresh food, cooked foods etc. It is usually a 8 week process for each baby parrotlet and not one I take lightly.  I want all my babies that are made available to find loving homes.  Thank you, Joan


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