**Joan  is very experienced and a very good breeder.  The money is 100% worth it if you are looking for a birdie companion.  As of right now my parrotlet is preening my hair and singing happily as she does it.  My bird Gaia loves to be pet and will tilt her head so I can get it more.  She loves it when I come home from school, as she jumps straight up to get my attention.  After I let her eat for a few minutes she lets me know she wants to play.  I take her almost everywhere, watching TV, playing on the computer and playing my DS, she even has breakfast with me, in fact, I'm getting her snack right now.  Joan's service as a breeder is phenomenal! She coordinated with us about which airports we were willing to drive to. Joan kept in contact with us every step of the way.  I would rate Joan a  10/10.  No mistakes happened in the process and I love the bird I got to pick. Thank you Joan!            From, Jake (DEC. 2014)

**We were very happy with your service and if we ever wanted another bird we would definately order it from you!     From Alexis  (DEC. 2014)

**I searched online for a week before deciding to use Joan, of Noni's Precious Parrotlets to get a new baby.  She guided me through the entire process and stayed with me through and after the bird's arrival at the airport.  Her help and knowledge gave me all the confidence I needed in selecting who to deal with.  My baby arrived in great condition, and with a wonderful little personality!  The travel box was equipped with favorite toys, warmth and nourishment, enough to get it through a crisis of a few days in case something happened with the airplane.  I have had the bird for a few months now and she is as happy and healthy as she can possibly be!  Joan Hopper knows her business and I will certainly use her again.        From Nancy , Birmingham AL.  (DEC. 2014)


Noni's Precious Parrotlets/Joan is just simply amazing.  Every bird I have gotten from Joan have been some of the sweetest and most beautiful of all.  She works daily with each of her babies to ensure that they are used to being handled.  My first parrotlet was from Joan and she is still the sweetest one.  Joan ensures that all her birds eat well-very well. I can testify this because after receiving my birds from her, they also love the same fresh fruits and veggies as well as birdie breads.  Each and every bird I have gotten from her have been healthy, strong and good spirited.  I truly feel she works extra hard with each bird to ensure this.  Not only does Joan provide beautiful heallthy birds, she also ensures they come home with small bag of food, a toy and a hatch certificate.  I highly recommend Joan and Noni's Preceious Parrotlets as a trust worthy resource for a pet bird.  You will not be disappointed.  Five Stars. Thank you, Joan for everything!  From Crystal,  Olalla WA,    (SEPT. 2015)

**My pet purchasing experience was excellent.  Though they do offer delivery, I visited them in person to pick-up our Parrotlet.  Run out of their personal residence, its like visiting an old friend.  They were very nice, inviting, and you can see that they really care about their birds.  You can see that the owner is very knowledgeable about the breed.  She treats each of her birds like her own children, and shows genuine concern that they are going to a loving home.    From Chad, Puyallup WA.   (JAN. 2016)

**I cannot thank you enough for Pika and our new baby.  Your set up is by far the cleanest I've ever seen and the babies are so incredibly sweet.  You can tell how much time and love you put into each baby.  I really like how you include adoption paperwork and little toys.  That really sets you apart from the rest.  Well that and how welcoming you are.  We absolutely love our babies and we appreciate your continued support.  Thank you again!   The Bosworth Family (Chelsey Leigh)  WA . April 2016

I can provide more current reviews on my Facebook page Noni's Precious Parrotlets  (June 22, 2018)