Rosy Bourke Parakeets-

                                                    Neopsephotus bourkii ( scientific name) See update at bottom of page 7/16/17

Bourke's originated in Australia.  Sucessfully captive breeding have made them a very popular pet.

They are about 7-8 inches and normally weight less then 2oz once fully grown. Average life span can be 15 yrs some more some less depending on type of care.

Bourke's make wonderful pets when hand fed as babies and bonded to their owners. They are very intelligent along with being mellow and quiet preferring to chatter to themselves.

Rosie a Lutino Bourke

Parakeet female

her coloring is pinks, yellow and white- red eyes.

Smokey a Normal Bourke Parakeet male

He has blues, pink breast, tans and yellow.

update as of 7/16/17- Rosie and Smokey have finally become interested in nest box.. She laid 6 eggs but would not sit tight on them.  We are hoping they will try very soon and get it right the 2nd time.